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3D reconstruction service

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Step 1: Taking pictures

The reconstruction service is a non-commercial infrastructure created within a university project. It is intended to enable people worldwide to digitize heritage at risk by war, disasters or other threats. The purpose is to document heritage via images and 3D models from user-generated photographs and to upload in both, the Germany-based DFG 3D Viewer maintained by the German National Digital Library and Sketchfab as world largest 3D repository. All uploaded content will be reviewed and only verified and clarified content will be processed.

How to take pictures suitable for photogrammetry? Take 20-30 images from all sides of the object. if possible take another 8-10 images from top of the object. Please find further instructions in the video.

Please select pictures for upload.

Step 2: Photographed Object Step 3: Photographer Step 4: Copyright Step 5: Finalize
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